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General Director Speech

regarding the importance of dates in the Islamic and Arabic world, KSA is considered the first in the world in making and marketing the best dates inside and outside the kingdom using several channels to distribute this fruit all over the world.

So we established large typical farms and a factory for dates. The factory is fitted with special modern machines for sorting, sterilizing and packaging dates. The process is supervised by good stuff to present the product of our continuous work in producing, making and marketing good Arabic dates to gain your trust and to put Tamara›s product on your meals. We want to share your happy times.




To be in the forefront of the pioneering companies working in producing, making and marketing the best kinds of dates in KSA and the world.


To gain the trust of our clients through producing and competing for high-quality products using innovative ideas for making, packaging and distribution.

About Us

Tamara factory is one of the best factories that proved its existence in good dates markets in KSA and the Arabian Gulf. We spread widely in dates pioneering markets and produced natural products. We serve in making, preparing and storing dates using modern techniques with the highest quality standards in KSA and the world. We got ISO (9001:2008) and food safety management system (22000:2005). We put our products in markets in its natural state and that made us different from other rivals in our dates taste.

Work policy

Since we have many rival companies in making and marketing dates, we, in Tamara company, depend on a clear strong policy which is based on honesty and cooperation to attain the sought after success.

Our aiming policy depends on well-studied plans that fit the economic conditions of the areas and countries we want to open new markets in. We hope to increase our portion in internal and external markets. We tried to establish typical farms with high producing capacity to cover our factory needs and to accomplish the development plans of the company. To get the satisfaction of our increasing clients and to present high-quality products, we depend on our farms. We do that through widening our spread and increasing the number and kinds of products to cover all the needs related to dates industry.

Our Factories

The great competition in producing, making and marketing dates in KSA and the Gulf compiles us to think seriously in developing and modernizing our machines that we use the production process. We have to work continuously to increase producing capacity to exist powerfully in markets.

We have a25000 square kilometers factory fitted with modern machines for sorting, sterilizing, packaging and storing with international standard specifications.
We support our factory by special operating skills of engineers,suprivisors and experienced and trained workers. We were careful to train new emplouees on operating systems and make them a part of our development and success process.

Our interest in the continuous development of the factory helps to increase the quantity and kinds of products and to produce new products related to dates derivatives like mamoul, date paste, and molasses. We do that to increase our income and to spread this brand all over KSA, the Gulf, and the world.

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